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Circle of Friends: Over the past few years Halo of Hope has been sponsoring children stricken with cancer from Omaha, Lincoln, Chicago, Seattle, St. Louis and NW Indiana to attend Circle of Friends Camps. Tomich's Foundation and other NFL players raise money and attend these camps with the kids and participate in all the activities with them. New fundraising happens yearly so that we can continue to take new kids to both summer and winter camps. These camps give them the opportunity to feel like an independent, healthy, free-spirited child. Most parents have responded that this camp is both life changing for the kids as well as a last great opportunity as many of these awesome young people are terminal. Every two years the group is reunited on a summer trip where new adventures await them. Grant Wistrom, Brian Young, Rich Coady, Jared Tomich and Chris Kelsay and other NFL players join Jerry Wunsch's Foundation in hosting these events.

Local Outreach: The Foundation is actively involved in the Northwest Indiana community as well as that of Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, Chicago, Wisconsin/Green Bay area. This outreach includes fundraising for specific families in need of financial support because of the trials that are associated with medical treatments and bills.

Charities for Children: The Foundation actively supports various children's organizations through financial and/or merchandise donations in Green Bay and Wausau Wisconsin, Quad Cities, Nebraska and Illinois. All of these cities are near and dear to Tomich as he lived and played ball in these communities. Halo of Hope can often be found supporting activities of the Tampa Children's Cancer Resource Center, Grant Wistrom Foundation, Jerry Wunsch Foundation as well as others including Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.